Passionate, Professional & Personable

Our Background

Passionate about dance music from a very early age, I naturally progressed into starting to DJ in 2001 / 2002 at the age of 15/16, playing out at house parties and the like. 

Learning on vinyl’s at such a early age I had a very good foundation and understanding of DJing. There is far more to Djing than just mixing skills, such as the importance of song selection, reading the crowd, building the energy of a party and holding the energy, building playlists and build sets for different venues. 

After winning a local DJ competition at the age of 17 I then went on to have a Club residency. At the age of 20 I steeped away from playing out as a Dj, but continued to play house parties for fun. 

Move on a few years, in 2015 the decks came back out in full force. Learning to mix on the current set up (CDJ’s). Fastforward further to 2016. What a roller-coaster this one has been.

At the start of 2016 I undertook A professional DJ training course to hone in on my skills. After competing the Profession DJ training. I then fly out to Ibiza to begin the summer tour, The first stop on this tour was Ibiza rocks bar. Half way through the tour I manage to Secure a set in one of Ibiza’s super clubs with a capcity of over 3,000. 

Once returning to the UK I have since played at some of the UK's most well know venues and have now gone on to have a monthly residence at The Ministry of Sound, London, alongside a weekly residency at one of Shoreditch's hottest night spots.

Finally, we fast forward to us now working with private clients, and coroprate organisations, providing entertainment for a discerning range of clientele.